Sherwood Boxers presents our newest rescue:

Daisy Mae


Thanks to Connie Back of Louisiana Boxer Rescue for her help in aquiring this wonderful “old” girl.  Things seemed strange not having any old grey faces around so when Connie e-mailed me pictures of this old lady in a shelter, I couldn’t resist!  Very strange that this girl was turned in as a stray as she does not seemed abused, knows how to sit and lie down on command, shakes hands, can catch a treat in mid-air, is housebroken and has no obvious health problems. 


I estimate her age at 9-10 years old.  Who would have a dog for so long and then just toss it out when it gets old?  Well, I’ve got a soft spot for the old ones so Daisy will have a home here for however long she has left and she has definitely settled in and made this house her home!

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