Katelin was my first Boxer.  Born January 22, 1989.  I had always love the Boxer breed and was thrilled when my parents finally said I could have a puppy :o)  I took her to Obedience classes and would hang out afterwards and watch the advanced show class.  I was amazed at the things those dogs could do.  Retrieve dumbells, jump, do scent articles, signals off leash!!!  I decided I wanted to train Kate to do all that.  Nobody told me Boxers couldn’t be trained :o)  My trainer, Larry Schillenkamp, believed in us and with his tutelage we became a great team.  Katelin “survived” my many novice training mistakes and I learned so much from her.  She started me on my path to Obedience competition and my love of the sport has only grown over the years.  Some of her win pictures can be seen below.

Katelin Ascot of Sherwood, UD


Our very first Obedience trial on 5/27/90.  Kate wins with a 193.5

Another 1st place in Novice A on 9/9/90 and new CD title! 

1st place in Utility A 9/17/95

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